These press releases are made available courtesy of PR Web, the Internet's leading press release newswire service. Launched as a Place to Get Great Deals for the Mobile and Wireless Markets; Also a Place to Have Some FUN has recently launched its web site to allow surfers to order a variety of products related to Handheld Internet Products. Through strong affiliate relationships, is dedicated to finding the best values for its surfers.

Allentown, New Jersey (PRWEB) August 23, 2005 --, dedicated to providing excellent values in the Handheld Internet Product marketplace. With strong affiliate relationships with device manufactures, carriers, and content providers, allows the casual surfer to order products directly. The site also hosts one of the larger jokes database on the Internet, as well as several MIDI(music files) archives.

Surfers looking for good deals on traditional cell phones, calling plans, Wi-Fi service, and many more services, can use the site to find those deals. Also the sites joke database is a cool way to kill some time. Many users have bookmarked the jokes page and frequently use it to kill time browsing the thousands of jokes. The site also has several MIDI archives which the surfer can listen to online. Additional affiliations also give great deals on computers, high-end audio equipment, music/movie download services, and many additional services.

According to the CEO of, "Folks will come for the jokes, and hopefully will also find value in the many affiliate relationships that myHIP offers.", dedicated to providing value and fun for it's surfers. The company will continuously search out newer and better affiliate deals for its surfers.

For additional information, or to discuss affiliation agreements, please contact us.


Dedicated to providing value and fun for wireless and mobile users. With over 20 years of industry experience, the founder has formed strong affiliate relationships with leading providers of services and content.

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