Mobile bar codes – qr, data matrix
Sep 25th, 2010 by myhip

If you’ve seen some new bar codes around lately, have no fear, some of those codes now have value.

Most folks already know about bar codes, supermarkets have used them for years, for inventory and check-out.

The problem with those one dimensional (1D) bar codes is that the total number of codes is limited to 12 numeric digits, and 5 of those digits are reserved as a company identifier. So that leaves 7 digits (ten million).

Along come two dimensional codes (2D), with an ability to go to as large of code size of 4,096 characters. So now, complete content can be stored in a scan code. Content can be as simple as simple note, web page (URL), SMS. contacts, dial, map, and calendar events.

With a scanner application your phone can read those codes and interpret the content.

Both 1D and 2D codes can be used to allow the user to act upon the content. As an example, you are in the movie theater lobby and see a poster for an upcoming movie, and you want to buy tickets, you’d scan the code and it would bring you to Fandango to buy them.

Recently Released Two iPad Apps … RGB&Y, and Let’s Play…
Mar 31st, 2010 by myhip

We’ve submitted two new apps to Apple for review. These two apps are for the new Apple iPad device.

iconRGB&Y is a game wherein you must clear the screen of all the symbols. The symbols must be adjoining another matching symbol in order for them to be removed. The more symbols that are adjoining, the higher your score when you clear them. The game has two modes, “1X”, and “2X”. In 1X mode you have a 10×11 board. In 2X mode, the board will be 20×22.

    Also the game has 4 themes:

  • RGB: There are 3 symbols (Red, Green, and Blue Balls)
  • RGB&Y: There are 4 symbols (Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow Balls)
  • PLH: There are 3 symbols (Peace, Love, and Happiness Symbols)
  • PLH&G: There are 4 symbols (Peace, Love, Happiness, and Greed Symbols)

The versions with 4 symbols are much harder to clear the whole screen.

icon1Let’s Play… is a simple spinner application. Use it to play games like “Spin the Bottle”, “Truth or Dare”, or just use it to help you pick a person for whatever (“Who buys the next round?”).

As the Holidays Approach… 2 iPhone Apps to Help Spread the Cheer
Oct 9th, 2009 by myhip

The holidays are rapidly approaching. wishes a happy and healthy holiday season to everyone!

We’ve released two games to celebrate the holiday season. One is called “Xmas Ballz” and the other is called “A Dreidel Game”.

Xmas Ballz:

For you enjoyment and entertainment this is an application thats comprised of three separate games.

In the first game called “Breaking the Xmas Ballz”, 15 balls float around the screen and you must tap on them to break them. (hint: if you try the faster speeds, you’ll need to click a little before the ballz)… there’s also a “cheat mode”, but that’s no fun.

The second game is called “Matching the Xmas Ballz”. In this game you will have to memorize 15 pairs of Xmas Ballz, and match them to their partner.

The final game is called “Dropping the Xmas Ballz”. In this game you will have to eliminate the adjacent Xmas Ballz. The more Ballz that are adjacent, the higher the score.

These games have little sounds to keep you entertained (if they get to be bothersome, just turn down the device volume).

Three games for the price of one… load it up and give it a try… if it keeps the kid occupied for a bit, then it’s $.99 well spent :)

A Dreidel Game:

A simple game that’s been played for ages, for all ages.

A dreidel is a spinning top with four sides. It is typically played with during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. The game, played with a dreidel, is similar to Teetotum; where the person spinning must spin the top and do what the resulting side tells them to do.

Play begins when each player has added their ante into the pot. Then in turn each player spins the top and then when they make it stop, they must perform the action.

The actions on the dreidel are as follows:

  • Nun – nisht – “nothing” – nothing happens and the next player spins
  • Gimel – gants – “all” – the player takes the entire pot
  • Hey – halb – “half” – takes half of the pot, rounding up if there is an odd number
  • Shin – shtel ayn – “put in” – the player puts one coin in the pot
  • Play continues until one player has won all the coins.

    9 on myHIP
    Sep 5th, 2009 by myhip

    We recently submitted to the Apple app store an application that combines 9 of our most popular iPhone apps.

    1) Darts 501 – a simple dart game
    2) KnightMoves – a game based on the ability of the player to capture all the pawns by just using their knight.
    3) Peace, Love, and Happiness – a matching game
    4) Guess My Card – magic trick where the app will pick your card
    5) Guess My Number – magic trick where the app will guess your number
    6) Guess my Symbol – magic trick where the app will guess your symbol
    7) BlackJack (21) – play blackjack
    8 ) Slots – play a 3-wheel slot machine
    9) Red Dog – similar to acey-ducey, bet that your card falls between the other two

    Palm pre?
    Aug 12th, 2009 by myhip

    We’ve recently begun looking at the Palm pre SDK, and the webOS platform.

    In less than a week we had ported over 9… err 8 (one is waiting on a bug to be fixed) of our existing iPhone apps.

    We’ve encountered a problem in porting with one of our most popular iPhone apps, “Mind Reader on myHIP”. Problem: The app makes use of a standard HTML method for in page positioning called “fixed anchors”, however, there’s a bug in Palm’s HTML engine that is ignoring “named anchors”, thereby making it impossible to position a page to it’s named anchor.

    So this code, won’t work properly… (opening “<" omitted for readability) a name="top">
    img somefile.png height=440>
    a href=”#page2″>next page
    a name=”page2″>
    img someotherfile.png height=440>
    a href=”#top”>previous page

    We haven’t decided if we will release apps for Palm pre. We are waiting until further info becomes available about the business agreements between developers and Palm.

    Say Wuh ?!?
    Aug 12th, 2009 by myhip

    We’ve recently submitted an app to the app store that’s called “Say Wuh?!?”.

    It’s 4 applets in one.

    1) Yo Momma jokes – random one-liners to insult someone’s Mom.
    2) Zoltap – non-sensical mystical insulter
    3) Quotes – Thousands of random quotes
    4) Fortune Cookie – Random fortune and lucky numbers

    Initially we self-rated the app as for 12+ age level. Our reasoning is that the language used is nothing at a teenager hasn’t heard. However, Apple doesn’t see it that way and our app has been initially denied due to inappropriate content.

    We’ve resubmitted the app with a 17+ rating, and we are now waiting for approval/denial.

    While it’s not officially censorship, it’s definitely something.

    iReaction Released
    Apr 19th, 2009 by myhip has released a new application that will help the user improve their finger-eye coordination.

    The user is presented a set of buttons that are randomly enabled, and the user must click the button as fast as they can. The more they click in the 30 seconds allotted, the higher the score. Wrongly clicked buttons will deduct points from the score.

    Brain Tickler Released
    Apr 19th, 2009 by myhip has released a new educational application called “Brain Tickler”. This app is designed to stimulate the brain by presenting a number of math problems.

    The user is presented with various math problems, and must correctly choose the answer from those provided.

    A few minutes of practice each day will bolster the users ability to perform math, as well as stimulate their brain’s reasoning abilities.

    Updated Apps Posted to App Store… Blackjack, Slots, RedDog, and One(and Only)
    Apr 4th, 2009 by myhip has recently submitted updated versions of some of their apps.

    Blackjack: Now saves last score. Can be reset by clicking reset.
    Slots: Now saves last score. Can be reset by clicking reset.
    RedDog: Now saves last score. Can be reset by clicking reset.
    One(and Only): New rules, and scoring. Find the one face in the crowd without any clones and win.

    Look for these apps in the app store (should be approved soon)

    Blackjack, and Solitaire Submitted to Apple App Store
    Mar 24th, 2009 by myhip

    myHIP has recently submitted 2 games to the Apple App Store.

    Blackjack is a casino card game where the player must beat the dealer by getting a 21 (or close to it).

    This game is played with 6 decks, and allows the player to hit, stand, double, split, and even surrender. It gives the player a screen with the basic strategy, and also shows a running card counter.

    Solitaire is a game where the player must make all the cards fill the upper stacks with sequentially suited cards.

    Blackjack is $.99 USD
    Solitaire is currently FREE!

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