New Application Submitted to Apple – Yo’ Momma on myHIP
Feb 21st, 2009 by myhip

This new application is a huge library of “Yo’ Momma” jokes.

The history of Yo’ Momma jokes (yes it actually has a history) is a bit scattered, but most will agree on one thing… they are funny as all heck.

Way back when I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn, friends would usually play nice for the most part. Whether it was playing stickball, punch ball, or even just throwing a ball against a stoop (a stoop is the outside staircase leading to the front door), we’d have a blast hanging out with our friends.

On occasion however, fun could sometimes turn into fighting if things didn’t go right. Most often that fighting turned into a battle of words. Those word battles most often turned into rants about the other persons Mom. From the simple “go home, yer Momma’s callin’”, to the ever popular “yer Momma wears combat boots”, the ranting and battling has turned into an art form.

Over the years, the battling became the game. Kids would gather on street corners and two people would start hurling insults at each other in a game called “the dozens”. The kid who was able to hurl the best insults would get an immediate response of “woahs and cheers” from the crowd. The winner was declared when the other player had no more insults to hurl, or gave up in shame.

This entertainment application is a huge library of Yo’ Momma jokes. With over 1,170 insults, it is clearly one of the largest archives of Yo’ Momma jokes for you to enjoy.

Nine Easter Games Submitted to Apple AppStore
Feb 8th, 2009 by myhip

Tonight we’ve submitted a set of games called “Easter Games” to Apple’s AppStore.

These nine games are Easter themed, and include 3 variations of popular games. There’s a set of 3 games where you match the icons, and another set of 3 where you drop the same icons, and finally 3 games where you smash the icons.

There’s also a hidden game, an Easter egg of sorts.

20 iPhone Native Apps Posted on Apple iTunes AppStore
Feb 1st, 2009 by myhip

www.myHIP now has 20 native applications posted on Apple’s AppStore.

Titles include:

Slots: a simple slot machine
Mind Reader on myHIP: a nice trick where the iPhone guesses your secret symbol
Magic Card Trick on myHIP: a simple card trick
Magic Numbers on myHIP: a number guessing trick
Aliens!: an old-school aliens attack game
Peace, Love, and Happiness: a symbol dropping game
iRacer: an old-school racing game
Archery on myHIP: a simple shoot the targets game
Cityscape Fireworks: this app displays fireworks on several city backdrops
iMaze on myHIP: 4 different themed mazes
PS: I Love You (Nine Valentines Games): 9 Valentines Day themed games
Mystics on myHIP: 4 different fortune telling applications
RedDog: a card game similar to Acey-Deucey, and high-low
Magic on myHIP: 3 magic tricks
A Dreidel Game: a dreidel game
Bad Hair Day!: a slider puzzle game
What’s the Word?: a hangman style game without getting hung
Tic-Tac-Toe-Too 3D: a 3D tic-tac-toe game
Xmas Ballz: break the falling Christmas ornaments
One, and only!: find the unique person in the crowd

You can find all these application in the Apple iTunes AppStore, just search for myhip.

Welcome to the blog
Feb 1st, 2009 by myhip has been around for as long as there has been an internet in some fashion or another.

No, myHIP has nothing to do with your physical hip, but more so with the electronic devices that you hang from your hip.

In the early days myHIP was a tool for sending text messages to pagers. It evolved into a site that discussed two-way paging, which further evolved into messaging device like the RIM 950, and the Palm VII.

Today it’s mainly about the Apple iPhone, RIM, and other smartphones.

Over the past two years, we’ve concentrated our efforts on building web applications for the iPhone, and recently expanded to building simple iPhone native applications.

Who knows were we will be in the future? But, it’s for sure that if there are neat gadgets that hang from your hip, myHIP will be there too.

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