New Application Submitted to Apple – Yo’ Momma on myHIP
February 21st, 2009 by myhip

This new application is a huge library of “Yo’ Momma” jokes.

The history of Yo’ Momma jokes (yes it actually has a history) is a bit scattered, but most will agree on one thing… they are funny as all heck.

Way back when I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn, friends would usually play nice for the most part. Whether it was playing stickball, punch ball, or even just throwing a ball against a stoop (a stoop is the outside staircase leading to the front door), we’d have a blast hanging out with our friends.

On occasion however, fun could sometimes turn into fighting if things didn’t go right. Most often that fighting turned into a battle of words. Those word battles most often turned into rants about the other persons Mom. From the simple “go home, yer Momma’s callin’”, to the ever popular “yer Momma wears combat boots”, the ranting and battling has turned into an art form.

Over the years, the battling became the game. Kids would gather on street corners and two people would start hurling insults at each other in a game called “the dozens”. The kid who was able to hurl the best insults would get an immediate response of “woahs and cheers” from the crowd. The winner was declared when the other player had no more insults to hurl, or gave up in shame.

This entertainment application is a huge library of Yo’ Momma jokes. With over 1,170 insults, it is clearly one of the largest archives of Yo’ Momma jokes for you to enjoy.

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  • myhip writes:
    February 28th, 20099:48 pmat

    App has been initially rejected… something about “defaming public figures”.

    Has been resubmitted after removing names of public figures.

    Seems odd that Apple is doing such low level censorship.

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