Palm pre?
August 12th, 2009 by myhip

We’ve recently begun looking at the Palm pre SDK, and the webOS platform.

In less than a week we had ported over 9… err 8 (one is waiting on a bug to be fixed) of our existing iPhone apps.

We’ve encountered a problem in porting with one of our most popular iPhone apps, “Mind Reader on myHIP”. Problem: The app makes use of a standard HTML method for in page positioning called “fixed anchors”, however, there’s a bug in Palm’s HTML engine that is ignoring “named anchors”, thereby making it impossible to position a page to it’s named anchor.

So this code, won’t work properly… (opening “<" omitted for readability) a name="top">
img somefile.png height=440>
a href=”#page2″>next page
a name=”page2″>
img someotherfile.png height=440>
a href=”#top”>previous page

We haven’t decided if we will release apps for Palm pre. We are waiting until further info becomes available about the business agreements between developers and Palm.

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