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September 5th, 2009 by myhip

We recently submitted to the Apple app store an application that combines 9 of our most popular iPhone apps.

1) Darts 501 – a simple dart game
2) KnightMoves – a game based on the ability of the player to capture all the pawns by just using their knight.
3) Peace, Love, and Happiness – a matching game
4) Guess My Card – magic trick where the app will pick your card
5) Guess My Number – magic trick where the app will guess your number
6) Guess my Symbol – magic trick where the app will guess your symbol
7) BlackJack (21) – play blackjack
8 ) Slots – play a 3-wheel slot machine
9) Red Dog – similar to acey-ducey, bet that your card falls between the other two

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  • myhip writes:
    September 6th, 200911:04 amat

    App initially rejected due to our use of our own image flow routine… Apple’s rejection stated that we had used non-published api’s, but this is plain old javascript.

    We’ve now switched the UI to be plain old boring icons just to appease the Apple reviewers.

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