Mobile bar codes – qr, data matrix
September 25th, 2010 by myhip

If you’ve seen some new bar codes around lately, have no fear, some of those codes now have value.

Most folks already know about bar codes, supermarkets have used them for years, for inventory and check-out.

The problem with those one dimensional (1D) bar codes is that the total number of codes is limited to 12 numeric digits, and 5 of those digits are reserved as a company identifier. So that leaves 7 digits (ten million).

Along come two dimensional codes (2D), with an ability to go to as large of code size of 4,096 characters. So now, complete content can be stored in a scan code. Content can be as simple as simple note, web page (URL), SMS. contacts, dial, map, and calendar events.

With a scanner application your phone can read those codes and interpret the content.

Both 1D and 2D codes can be used to allow the user to act upon the content. As an example, you are in the movie theater lobby and see a poster for an upcoming movie, and you want to buy tickets, you’d scan the code and it would bring you to Fandango to buy them.

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