Say Wuh ?!?
Aug 12th, 2009 by myhip

We’ve recently submitted an app to the app store that’s called “Say Wuh?!?”.

It’s 4 applets in one.

1) Yo Momma jokes – random one-liners to insult someone’s Mom.
2) Zoltap – non-sensical mystical insulter
3) Quotes – Thousands of random quotes
4) Fortune Cookie – Random fortune and lucky numbers

Initially we self-rated the app as for 12+ age level. Our reasoning is that the language used is nothing at a teenager hasn’t heard. However, Apple doesn’t see it that way and our app has been initially denied due to inappropriate content.

We’ve resubmitted the app with a 17+ rating, and we are now waiting for approval/denial.

While it’s not officially censorship, it’s definitely something.

Magic Tricks on myHIP
Mar 20th, 2009 by myhip

Over the past several months, myHIP has released 3 magic tricks for the iPhone/iPod touch.

Interestingly, reviews for these 3 apps have been polar to say the least. We get nearly as many 5 star ratings as we do 1 star ratings.

Those people that understand what magic is, tend to give it a good review, while those that don’t… well, probably don’t get it.

Magic is Magic, it’s illusion, it’s not real, it’s obviously a trick. To give a magic trick a 1 star rating because you were tricked into believing that the illusion was real is very odd. If you went to a magic show in Las Vegas, would you expect that the tricks are real? That the lady really gets cut in half, or that the plane vanishes before your very eyes?

To those folks that gave the apps good reviews, you get it. You can appreciate the art of magic. You understand that magic is not about reality, but about the illusion.

Welcome to the blog
Feb 1st, 2009 by myhip has been around for as long as there has been an internet in some fashion or another.

No, myHIP has nothing to do with your physical hip, but more so with the electronic devices that you hang from your hip.

In the early days myHIP was a tool for sending text messages to pagers. It evolved into a site that discussed two-way paging, which further evolved into messaging device like the RIM 950, and the Palm VII.

Today it’s mainly about the Apple iPhone, RIM, and other smartphones.

Over the past two years, we’ve concentrated our efforts on building web applications for the iPhone, and recently expanded to building simple iPhone native applications.

Who knows were we will be in the future? But, it’s for sure that if there are neat gadgets that hang from your hip, myHIP will be there too.

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