Recently Released Two iPad Apps … RGB&Y, and Let’s Play…
Mar 31st, 2010 by myhip

We’ve submitted two new apps to Apple for review. These two apps are for the new Apple iPad device.

iconRGB&Y is a game wherein you must clear the screen of all the symbols. The symbols must be adjoining another matching symbol in order for them to be removed. The more symbols that are adjoining, the higher your score when you clear them. The game has two modes, “1X”, and “2X”. In 1X mode you have a 10×11 board. In 2X mode, the board will be 20×22.

    Also the game has 4 themes:

  • RGB: There are 3 symbols (Red, Green, and Blue Balls)
  • RGB&Y: There are 4 symbols (Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow Balls)
  • PLH: There are 3 symbols (Peace, Love, and Happiness Symbols)
  • PLH&G: There are 4 symbols (Peace, Love, Happiness, and Greed Symbols)

The versions with 4 symbols are much harder to clear the whole screen.

icon1Let’s Play… is a simple spinner application. Use it to play games like “Spin the Bottle”, “Truth or Dare”, or just use it to help you pick a person for whatever (“Who buys the next round?”).

Say Wuh ?!?
Aug 12th, 2009 by myhip

We’ve recently submitted an app to the app store that’s called “Say Wuh?!?”.

It’s 4 applets in one.

1) Yo Momma jokes – random one-liners to insult someone’s Mom.
2) Zoltap – non-sensical mystical insulter
3) Quotes – Thousands of random quotes
4) Fortune Cookie – Random fortune and lucky numbers

Initially we self-rated the app as for 12+ age level. Our reasoning is that the language used is nothing at a teenager hasn’t heard. However, Apple doesn’t see it that way and our app has been initially denied due to inappropriate content.

We’ve resubmitted the app with a 17+ rating, and we are now waiting for approval/denial.

While it’s not officially censorship, it’s definitely something.

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